Help Wanted

MyPicTales is looking for a person to manage our newsletters. Compensation will be offered in print credits good toward photobooks, calendars, cards and single prints, with access to the MyPicTales Design Center as well.

Here are the requirements:
1. Create and send out two newsletters a week in Constant Contact. Plan ahead for all major holidays.

2. Creative person able to design artwork or locate stock photos/cu graphics when necessary.

3. Wit and humor welcomed, with a background in digital scrapbooking and/or photography.

4. Design a new header and template for the weekly emails. General emails will require only the promotion and coupon to be updated. Holiday emails will require additional graphics and creative content.

5. Post updates to our Facebook page when newsletters are sent.

To apply, email with the following information:
1. Name
2. Email address
3. Usernames
4. Link to gallery, blog or website
5. Relevant Experience
6. Reason you want to work with MyPicTales

Thank you for your interest!

MyPicTales Wins Xerox’s Best of the Best Contest

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The Challenge

MyPicTales is a one-of-a-kind online photo book publishing company, offering a vast array of design services and products. They pride themselves on providing the ultimate, effortless, online photo book publishing experience.

One of their clients—a professional photography studio—had an amazing portfolio of work that they wanted to showcase. The rich, colourful book they were looking for would be used as a marketing tool, at trade fairs and for presentations to prospective clients—and would be personalised for maximum impact.

Digital printing was the obvious answer. So MyPicTales turned to a printer known industry-wide for its outstanding digital output: Colorcentric. And together, they would make their client’s project a smashing success.

The Solution

The quality of every image in these books was of the utmost importance. The work, after all, represented the photographic and creative quality that the studio was capable of producing for major cosmetic brands. It was crucial that skin tones and cosmetic shades and colours were reproduced exactly on paper as they were shown on the monitors and camera LCDs.

Colorcentric wasn’t worried in the least. They were con?dent the Xerox  iGen3 110 Digital Production Press with a Xerox FreeFlow Print Server was up to the challenge. The company knew this digital powerhouse could deliver the quality that was expected, as well as the inset name personalisation the studio required. The ?nished product was produced on Xerox  Digital Color Elite Silk 100 lb. text and cover stock, and trimmed and stitched of?ine.

The Bene?ts

The books were a success on every level. The studio was delighted that the ?nished books captured their artistic quality down to the ?nest detail—and proved very effective at trade fairs.

MyPicTales was recognised for their hard work by winning a continuing stream of business from the photo studio as they were able to bring the product the studio envisioned to life at a reasonable cost.

MyPicTales, who continues to partner with Colorcentric, saw an in?ux of work which ultimately drove their revenue 15 to 20 percent higher over an eight-month period. Best of all, based on the demand the company is currently seeing, this growth is projected to expand even more by the end of 2010.

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