What to Scrap Today?

Like many  scrappers, I am sometimes better as a  collector of kits  than I am of getting those memories scrapped.  I used to just get a kit, and then find a photo I liked, and play.  That worked for a bit, but then at the end of the year, I had oodles of events, funny shots or memories that NEEDed to be scrapped.  I would be overwhelmed.

I am a list maker, so I opened my PHOTOS file, and went to 2012 and hand wrote out lists on 3×5 cards:
 photo IMG_9445.jpg

The date was the file and date that the camera dumped them.  I now had a paper list to select photos for to use on my pages.  Now, I could either go shopping or look on my EHD at what I already had! This really has helped me so much. I look for challenges that will give me that extra oomph to do a page.

You can see the highlighted dates are pages that are completed. I looked and say I had not done the school lunches photos, and there were a few of them.  I was busy doing some challenges over at The Lily Pad, and they had a scrap lift challenge, and I thought I could use this to do the school lunch memory.  I was challenged now to get her done! Great motivation:

Now I could cross that off my list of Memory to Scrap! I kept looking at the Porta-Potty photos.  Did I really want porta-potty in my year book? Of course I did!! So, another challenge at The Digi Chick that came with a free template also was offered.

There are so many shops that offer inspiration and challenges to help us scrap pages, they give coupons, discounts and a whole lot of love in their galleries.  I hope this helps you to get unstuck and get those pages done.  I am hoping to send my 2012 book in by Valentine’s Day!

~never lose your joy

Anne of Alamo

Project Life? Wowza!

This Project Life has totally blown me away, how’s about you? Becky Higgens is the name I hear as the beginning of this wild wonder.  I went and read her blog and saw her products! Wow all over again! This is just amazing! I have to admit, my palms get all sweaty at the thought of cutting photos or doing this without my handy dandy Control Z(undo power).  This is why I love the galleries, and see that there are others in the DIgi~World that do this with the power of a computer! Look at some of these inspirations:

Amyjaz has started the year off with a bang, and apparently she designs these dohickeys too! Pretty cool inspiration.  These journaling cards are what I love too:

This is one of those projects there is no wrong or right way, just do it your way! I think this is kinda cool!

I gave it a whirl, and did a page:

Now, I am not hooked, but so love looking at what others do with this phenomenon! I would love to hear how you do it, if you are in this fun fad!  I was also thinking how cool they would be printed at My Pic Tales with the Wire Bound Photo Books:

Happy Scrapping however project you use for your life!

~Never lose your joy

Anne of Alamo

Relax, those old pictures aren’t going anywhere!

I stressed! I got a bit ugly! I lost the Christmas fun.  But! I found it again! All is good!! I was diligently taking pictures each day in December.  I love that part.  I had great plans on being super mom and once again getting the Christmas book finished.  I failed and spiraled into, I didn’t do this, and I failed…waha hahh waaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I shook myself off, and then got some fun ideas in the galleries around DigiTown!  I laughed and giggled at the antics of the people that love to scrap as much as I do.  I also noticed that there were some really cool pages from Christmas past:


She (lkdavis) did this one from 1968! I breathed a big sigh of relief and realized I have 365 days to scrap this December.  I am not going to stress! I am gonna smile!

The biggest smile came from Traci Reed in her December Daily page for last year!! See she is doing last year this year!  Look at this page and if it doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will:

So from the bottom of my heart I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

~never lose your joy

Anne of Alamo

Blurry can WORK!

If you are anything like me, you probably take a million pictures. Too many times, the photo is not quality for an advertisement, but it is a memory I want to capture and hold on too. I hope that showing you different ways to work with the blurry photo and how you can still use it, will help set you free from perfection.

My oldest boy and pcameras are not friendly, it is rare he will pose. I took a series of pictures when he was rearranging his room, and only one turned out clear. I knew I would use that one, but this one was horrible:
The blurry one had the smile that melts this mom’s heart and I wanted that to be on the page.  So I used the blending options! Using Luminosity on the photo and then with the word art “BRING IT ON”, I used overlay.  Color Burn is another fun one to use, to give it a translucent look with color.  I also play with the opacity and fill levels to get the look I want.  Not over powering, but soft and still captures the feel of the photo.  That cute smile!

I have given you a whole different reason not to delete those blurry photos! I can’t delete anything!  I want to capture every moment of our lives, and if it means working with a blurry action photo, I will do it!  I hope you are able to use this in some way!

A huge thank you to the ViVas for this beautiful kit: University Drive available now as a bundle @ ScrapBook Graphics!

~never lose your joy

anne of alamo

Best Photo Keepsake Deals NOW

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~Never Lose Your Joy

Anne Of Alamo