Making 2-pagers are Easy to Do!!!

If you’re a digital scrapbooker, you probably have a million layouts in your harddrive already.  You may have created in Photoshop, or CM software, or your software of choice.  It doesn’t matter.  As long as it’s a final jpg file, you can send it up to MyPicTales to have photobooks or prints made!!!  Here are some gorgeous layouts created by Cynthia (aka: mrspeel):

Cynthia created the layout in her program, Serif’s Craft Artist and then brings it into the MPT software Taleweaver to upload it into her book.  She brings it in as a background image and then can add additional elements or journaling to finish it out.  Cynthia prefers doing two pagers simultaneously so as to make it look cohesive.  Here are two more layouts she created:

Doing both pages at the same time, does make it look like it belongs together.  Plus it gives you more room to journal and add photos to.  And, if you don’t have a layout program, why not download Taleweaver and give it a try?  Backgrounds and elements are included in the software and it’s easy to use to create gorgeous photobooks.

Fun Paper Cuts in TaleWeaver

We are all feeling the crunch of the economy these days and so it helps to make every dollar stretch.  You can do this even with your scrap kits and the TaleWeaver (MyPicTales’ software) program.  TaleWeaver is a free software program you can download in order to develop your photobooks easily and economically.  It includes many backgrounds and elements so you can scrap your pages.  And if you don’t have time, the book templates are easy and completed quick pages where you can drop your photos in and have ready for printing in minutes.

Here’s where you can customize your pages.

As you can see in these layouts, created by Cynthia Taylor (mrspeel), with the Generations kit, she used blocking behind her photos to create extra dimension and layers.  This is easily done by using digital papers you may already have in your stash.

1. Install the papers of your choice within TaleWeaver by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of the screen where it says LOAD IMAGES FOR BOOK HERE.  Direct TaleWeaver to where you have the paper located and open the file.  This will drag your chosen papers into TaleWeaver.

2. After selecting your backgrounds (either from TaleWeaver’s  Page Backgrounds or your own), bring up a Picture Frame by selecting Insert, New Picture, Portrait Picture Frame.  This will put a frame onto the page.

3. Now, grab the side handle and push (or pull) it over until it is the size desired.  Do the same with either the top or bottom handles of the frame.

4. Then, drag your paper up to the picture frame and drop it in.  It’s that easy.

5. You can make more of these blocks and layer them by selecting the block, click LAYOUT, ORDER, and selecting FRONT, BACK, FRONTWARD, BACKWARD.

6. Don’t forget to shadow your blocks to give it dimensionality.

This is a good way to stretch your digital kits to create new elements for your photobooks.  The plus of it is that you get a more personalized layout as well.  These blocks can be used for so many things.  They can be used for journaling spots, a background for an element, or they can even be used to frame your photos.  Just place them behind the images.

MPT and DigiChicks Team Up!

MyPicTales and the Digichicks are teaming up again for some awesome challenges in March.  Head over to the DigiChicks forum and check out the 12 possible ways!  Complete at least FIVE of those challenges for a chance at some awesome MyPicTales prizes.

You can win one of these cool prizes:

$25 gift certificate for photobooks

Free 50 prints of any size on single page prints products

Free 10×10 photobook (standard hard cover, 20 pages)

And, those 12 challenges will help you to complete some layouts!!!  So get cracking to get one of these prizes!!!