Scrapbook Page Display

Wow!  I found the most wonderful Scrapbook Page Holder today!  It’s a metal stand to place on an end table or coffee table — or anywhere you’d please!  It includes ten page sleeves and will be the most perfect gift for my grandson’s girlfriend (I have been creating pages for her with photos she has provided).

MyPicTales offers calendars & books, but you can also have your pages printed individually, as I often do.  The stand is an awesome alternative to placing pages in an album — and the stands I found were for eight inch pages and twelve inch pages.  I found them at Michael’s.

As Ever,

mypictales magic

No tutorials this week – I’ve been planning and updating and creating and … and…

OK, between family events worthy of scrapbook pages (even photobooks) and website creation for my daughter’s business (plus tax day), my granddaughter got a camera for Easter!  She’s not quite 7 – so we (she & I) went on a nature walk and took photos.  I impressed upon her to keep the strap around her arm so she wouldn’t accidentally drop her new prize possession.

We spent today together and took more photos – I’m teaching her with each photo about focus and lighting — then we downloaded the photos and had a look.  What a delightful time for me — sharing these moments, and even shaping her photo-taking experiences.

Anyway, just to show that I have many reasons to appreciate MyPicTales, I am sharing this collage.

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Unique Pages

To create a unique background image for a photo, I researched baseball terms and typed them into a Rich Text Document, saving it to “Rich Text Format” — an RTF file.  I opened Taleweaver and selected the 8.5 x 11 portrait size for my book (you can recreate the following example in any size).

Insert > New Caption

Right-Click in the caption box and select “Edit Text”

Find the file you created for your background.

After your text is loaded into the caption box you can stretch the box to fit your page – then highlight the text and select the font you’d like to use and also the size of the font – watching so that your actions will actually fill the page for a background image.

Next, insert a picture frame for your photo, portrait or landscape (depending on your photo)

Import a photo, then drag it into the frame.  There are options to drag the photo to the position you prefer; also you can rotate the photo.  If desired, you could add more photos to the page.

You could use the same background for your entire book, or create different text files for varied backgrounds — or just have one unique page with this treatment.  The choice is yours — and it’s fun creating pages and photobooks using Taleweaver software.  Enjoy!

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Greeting Cards

There really are times when personal “designed-by-you” can be more special than a brand name!  Begin now to plan for announcements and/or invitations for Graduations, Weddings, Family Reunions — there are so many times a personal touch is a great idea!  MyPicTales Taleweaver software will help you!

Download the software and open it.  For Greeting cards, there is a “New Card Wizard” to guide you.  First you choose the orientation of your card –

Then choose the size you prefer – and choose a frame

There are frames and borders for all occasions –

You can add an image –

and your card text –

The software will then create your card –

You will then have the chance to see your card — to edit and change it.  Experiment – and when you’re ready, simply upload it to MyPicTales.  Enjoy the raves you’ll receive!

As Ever,

A Day of Fun

What better way to share a day of fun with the friends who experienced it with me than to create a Handy Dandy 5×7 wirebound album for them!  I just know they’ll love it and so will I!  How to begin?

Take photos – all day long – of the scenery and the people!  Open the Taleweaver program and I used each photo as a single page background, then added comments, the date, and fun quips and quotes.  It’s that easy!

The program allows you to choose a font for your journaling – you can choose other page formats that allow more than one photo per page, too.  There are days when many photos are taken and pages with several photos might be the answer instead of a photo per page.

You be the judge of how you’d like to preserve your special day — but DO preserve it!  How special!!

As Ever,