What to Scrap Today?

Like many  scrappers, I am sometimes better as a  collector of kits  than I am of getting those memories scrapped.  I used to just get a kit, and then find a photo I liked, and play.  That worked for a bit, but then at the end of the year, I had oodles of events, funny shots or memories that NEEDed to be scrapped.  I would be overwhelmed.

I am a list maker, so I opened my PHOTOS file, and went to 2012 and hand wrote out lists on 3×5 cards:
 photo IMG_9445.jpg

The date was the file and date that the camera dumped them.  I now had a paper list to select photos for to use on my pages.  Now, I could either go shopping or look on my EHD at what I already had! This really has helped me so much. I look for challenges that will give me that extra oomph to do a page.

You can see the highlighted dates are pages that are completed. I looked and say I had not done the school lunches photos, and there were a few of them.  I was busy doing some challenges over at The Lily Pad, and they had a scrap lift challenge, and I thought I could use this to do the school lunch memory.  I was challenged now to get her done! Great motivation:

Now I could cross that off my list of Memory to Scrap! I kept looking at the Porta-Potty photos.  Did I really want porta-potty in my year book? Of course I did!! So, another challenge at The Digi Chick that came with a free template also was offered.

There are so many shops that offer inspiration and challenges to help us scrap pages, they give coupons, discounts and a whole lot of love in their galleries.  I hope this helps you to get unstuck and get those pages done.  I am hoping to send my 2012 book in by Valentine’s Day!

~never lose your joy

Anne of Alamo

Project Life? Wowza!

This Project Life has totally blown me away, how’s about you? Becky Higgens is the name I hear as the beginning of this wild wonder.  I went and read her blog and saw her products! Wow all over again! This is just amazing! I have to admit, my palms get all sweaty at the thought of cutting photos or doing this without my handy dandy Control Z(undo power).  This is why I love the galleries, and see that there are others in the DIgi~World that do this with the power of a computer! Look at some of these inspirations:

Amyjaz has started the year off with a bang, and apparently she designs these dohickeys too! Pretty cool inspiration.  These journaling cards are what I love too:

This is one of those projects there is no wrong or right way, just do it your way! I think this is kinda cool!

I gave it a whirl, and did a page:

Now, I am not hooked, but so love looking at what others do with this phenomenon! I would love to hear how you do it, if you are in this fun fad!  I was also thinking how cool they would be printed at My Pic Tales with the Wire Bound Photo Books:

Happy Scrapping however project you use for your life!

~Never lose your joy

Anne of Alamo