Turkey AGAIN??

Left overs again and again is the norm for after Thanksgiving!  We have had turkey sandwiches, turkey enchiladas, and then today ham hash with eggs on top! The turkey carcass will be boiled this week as the weather begins to turn for some yummy soup too!  I love left overs, my family is never sure of what it is, til they taste it! Hilarious faces and then as they experience the new recipe, a thumbs up or thumbs down!  Tonight’s Ham hash got thumbs up all around, although none of the kids were keen on the name!

I went and looked at some of the pages to feast on after Thanksgiving and saw some pretty cool ones:

This Thankful Tree by Seniorgal totally touched me, and I admit to a big ol’ smile at her thankfulness of kiwi’s!

Here is a new tradition that they are starting on the day after Thanksgiving.  Now the elf has done not much for me, until I saw her precious eyes looking at him, and that cuddle.  That is a mom making magic and keeping the memories on her page!!  Where is the elf today/ by Sagediva2!

Keeping your memories alive is a job we take serious! I so love to see your lives on pages in the galleries.  I hope you take them this year and print them so others may see them too!

It is good to be back blogging for My Pic Tales! I hope to see you at least once a week! Please leave some feedback, tell me what you would like to see here!

~never lose your joy~

Anne of Alamo