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Back in June I began to tell about a book I am working on for a friend.  I’d really liked a book of quotes I had seen, and decided to create a book with friendship photos and either facts about the photo or a quote to embellish the page.  Other projects soon took precedence, and I kinda forgot about my book.  I did complete a few more pages!

Taleweaver allows you to drag your photo over one page and a part of the other — you’ll have a visual of how the page will look!  These are pages 10 and 11 of my book; only a few more to go (since most of my pages are doubles).  As I work on the remaining pages, I’ll write about my process and create some screen shots to display Taleweaver in use.


As Ever,

Its a Hat Trick for Cameron!

My son has been playing hockey for 7 years, two years of which were hockey school, then for the past 5 years he has been a full-time goalie…..this year he is 10 and for the first time he is playing out this season, and he is doing so well that he usually plays centre!!! On January 15th I am proud to say my little goalie got his first Hat Trick!!! Way to go Cam!

Get Busy. Create!

Not all scrapbookers are young with preschool children; it might surprise you that I was creating web pages when the World Wide Web was an infant!  I worked at a corporate technical library and learned to create newsletters using desktop publishing software.  Soon I had my own computer and was creating Christmas letters and pages of scanned photos to tell my story.

My first online web pages were about quilting.  Through drawing quilt blocks for websites, I learned my software and its capabilities.  But I was also scanning photos (with a handheld scanner) and putting together “newsletters” and genealogy information — my early pages had primitive scanned elements to enhance my stories.  Eventually I found a magazine — then I found a website — the digital scrapbooking world!  Many of my early pages were created with desktop publishing or greeting card software.

I still love those pages, but have transcended several times to different styles.  I never did paper scrapbooking pages, I have always been digital.  Many of my photos are scanned (pre-digital photos), and my styles vary from simple photo pages enhanced with some journaling and an element or two — to pages heavily filled with backgrounds and elements.  Study the process and the galleries of “what others have done” to find your favorite style.

Each of us has an idea of what we want to see in a page — and each page can shout to us a different idea.  There is no “right” or “wrong” if you like it.  You might want to study balance — to create a page that focuses on the photos, but also leads to the journaling.  There are many factors — color contrast, element placement, and balance.  The wonderful aspect of digital is that you can move things around — several times (or more) until you get the look and feel you want for your page.

There came a day when I wanted to have my pages printed (I didn’t like the output from my printer).  I found MyPicTales — and I sent an order.  I was more than delighted with the results!!  The rest is history — I only trust MyPicTales with prints of my pages.

Have a question?  Post it and one of us will certainly answer.  Tell your story (as you want it told).  Trust MyPicTales to print it!  Download the Taleweaver software to assist you in creating your pages, your books, your calendars — your story!  Yum!  Candy.  Eye candy — stuff to make you (and future generations) delight in the photos and the stories told.  Get busy!  Create!

Not all pages are created about family — some tell about an instance in our lives.  This page is one I created to tell about an historic event in my life.

As Ever,

Telling Your Story or Someone Else’s

NPR-National Public Radio has a series called Story Corp, it is is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives. Sounds like scrapbooking LIVE to me!  We have the opportunity to digitally record, share and preserve our stories.  NPR records them live as the spoken voice, but we make pages and pages that turn into books.

The Story Corp website is full of ideas of questions to ask to make your own book. Go thru these questions and you will have a book dedicated to a set person or even yourself.  Imagine the delight to give this to someone, or to share with your children and grandchildren. This is a virtual treasure trove of ideas for a book. I am inspired to make so many pages just from these questions.

There are many places all over digiland that have the same type prompts going on also, and the encouragement to get a book done to tell your story.

Scrapbook Graphics has this Snapshots happening on their blog:

Now this is a year long project, but can you imagine how exciting it will be to read this, years down the line. make your own Time Capsule for today, and then tomorrow’s generation will enjoy it then.

A lot of people have a hard time finding photos for a time capsule or story page, and I went to

One Story Down for inspiration for the Photoless page. Lauren is a master at giving inspiration and her team is beyond all in talent to help you with getting your story on a page.

Here are some pages that may help you:

Week One – Project 365+1 by cstaff

This is using a way cool template and just bullet statements on the photos, this is a cool book to look at with a friend and relive the memories as you turn the pages:

Then this one,

PL-Week 2 by 4noisyboys

Has way more journaling and could be a read alone.

These are just little pokes and prods to help you want to make pages to print and have bound for years to come! I am addicted to these books and the happiness they bring.

~never lose your joy

Anne of Alamo