A Quick Update

We had some downtime with the server tonight. Everything is running again, but we are signing off for the New Year. If you need support, please contact us through a help ticket or email support@mypictales.com and we’ll help you in the New Year! Thank you for your business in 2011! We look forward to serving you in 2012!

K.I.S.S. does help! Pucker up!! ?

Keep It Simple Scrapper! I have indeed found the secret! I love to create pages full of clusters and shadows that will make you feel like touching the paper! I do, I admit it, I get a bit of a buzz when a page I do is recognized by my peers in the Digital Scrap World.  But, there is nothing like the over the top feeling when you open a book of your family that has been printed!! I have found the secret to getting it done and want to share it with you!

I had two things printed off in the last few weeks! TWO! That is a record for me!  The last one, A Countdown to Christmas, was done during the Christmas crazy season!

I did a 30 page book for 25 days!! And sent it to My PIc Tales!!!! It is being processed and printed now!! I can not believe I will have it in my hands in a few weeks.

First thing, find a kit you love, that is a collection, or put a collection of kits together in one place that you will ONLY use.   This is to keep you from going through your whole collection and find yourself off tasks. I used just one designer and it helped me a ton! I love finding a big collection that all coordinate, so you don’t get bored with the colors or patterns.  I am still searching for what kit to use for my next book! Her Travel templates are causing my PayPal to twitch in happy!

Then find ONE template you can alter the amount of photos.  This is where you are gonna have to look around.  I have to admit,

I fell in love with the Christmas Freebies from Roadside Designs! If you missed them, they are available in her store.  I just went through her store and oh MY goodness!!  She has templates for books that are causing me to really think about some fun albums.

Another great place to find multiple photo templates is SimplyYin. She has a ton for free and her blog is inspiring also!

I am looking at this one for my next book. I want to do a book every 3 months.

Then these Pocket Pages templates by Studio Wendy:

These have everything I need, areas to clip my photos or papers too and a place for journaling.  I am waffling between these two!

So then I set a date for must be done page.  I am planning on having a 20-24 page book every 3 months.  That is 6 to 8 pages per month.

Now for the big K.I.S.S.! Save the page as a JPG in the size I plan on printing!  Then open the MyPicTales software and upload to the book maker!! This was the fun part, watching the book as it was being made!! That way, when the last page is put in, I simply hit SEND TO MYPICTALES, and the book is done, ordered and processed! It rocks!!!

So, this year, you too can print books and wow your friends and family, just  Keep It Simple Scrapper! ?

~never lose your joy

Anne of Alamo

Countdown . . .

My holiday passed all too quickly, although I especially enjoyed the shopping trips with my daughter — the sharing and girl talk, as well as finding ideas for special gifts.  On Christmas morning, my granddaughter put on the leggings I got her, tried on the fingerless gloves, and curled up in the fleece blanket with a hood.  The card holders are just what she wanted, too – it’s difficult for her to hold playing cards and fan them out.

There are special advantages of today’s digital photos and online access; there are manuals for appliances and directions for card games.  I’ve “found” relatives that I would never have known had we relied on travel without the Internet.  Many of you will embark on a new 366 photos for the year 2012 (it’s a leap year – we get an extra day).

My project is to take past years photos (I’ve had a digital camera since 2000), and “weed” them out (there are many photos that are duplicated or blurry or silly); then create pages that recap the past 11 years.  Some I will incorporate into slide shows, while others will be featured in photobooks.  Not only will I have created gifts to share, but I’ll enjoy the trip through the memories.

Additionally, I plan to continue scanning “pre-digital” photos that can be incorporated into my family story — and those that share information about ancestors.  One cousin I “met” online this year has identified people in some of my photos — how wonderful it that?  But my “assignment” for those younger than I am is to “keep up” with the organization and identification of your digital photos; then to create some special photobooks to preserve the memories alongside journaling that tells the story.

Happy New Year, everyone!  The best way to keep your resolutions is one day at a time.

As Ever,