If I can do it, YOU can do it! Calendars!!

I had great dreams of showing you the pages, but my hubby took his to work with him and I mailed the other to my mom for a Christmas present!

So you get to see it coming out of the box!

I used My Pic Tales to order my calendars and I love them.

I want to help you understand how easy it is to use pre-made calendar pages (I used Easy page Pro: Project Memories 8.5×11 Portrait 2012 Calendars) and then upload to My Pic Tales software and have your presents ordered and you can sit and drink egg nog.

Once you have inserted all your photos to the tops of each month and saved as a JPG, I recommend saving 01A (for jan top) etc.  Then you can also go into the bottom portion and add in text of birthdays, events to remember and anniversaries, or just made up holidays! I saved these as 01B(bottom).  Then save the cover.  This gives you 25 pages! Don’t freak, you can do this in one evening, while listening to Christmas music.

So you have downloaded the FREE software (Taleweavers), and are now ready to make your calendar.

Open your TaleWeaver software, click Calendar on the left side and then CREATE NEW and this screen will appear:

Hit next. In order for the your top and bottom to fit perfectly, you will need to choose the bottom one, 11″ x 17′ Wall Calendar.Now hit Next, then 5. Calendar Wizard Screen, just hit next again, and the same with 6. Calendar Wizard Screen hit Next

Now will come finding from your computer, your personalized Calendar pages. Once you have them on the screen.  You can manually click them all, or hit on the top left the button,  Select All.

You are going to get a window that pops up, that says Image Count that looks like this:

Click NO.  This will let all your images be available to fill your calendar. Now you have to arrange them.  Pull all the bottoms (the dates) to the lower portion of the screen, and the cover where it is labeled.

Once they are arranged, you can click Skip to Design and BAM~there is your January topper looking at you with the wrong bottom! ha ha

This is the fun part!  You just pull the bottom part of the calendar (from the pages in the lower window of the software) to the page and click add Image to fill page.

Now you must unlock the Calendar grid, and then right click on the bottom calendar portion and click BRING to Front, this will cover the other calendar portion.

If the UNLOCK does not show up, click on the actual calendar grid, and it will show up.

Go thru and do all the pages this way, and then go to your cover.  You want to right click on the image and hit resize to page.  Once that is done, right click again and BRING FORWARD.

You are now ready to SEND to MYPICTALES.  On the top of the screen, is a button with a blue cart and the words: Send to MyPicTales.   You will need to have ADOBE Acrobat installed to preview your order.

The word PROOF will be on all the pages, but not when you get them in the mail!   Go thru, make sure all is good, and click okay!! The friendly folks at My Pic Tales will print and ship them to you in a jiffy!

My mom is going to be so excited, imagine how happy you will be to give such a personal gift. Let me know how yours turned out!

~never lose your joy


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Create a Calendar!

Creating a calendar is so easy using MyPicTales Taleweaver software!  Click on “create new” and choose the size you want.  Next you will be offered many templates for your calendar – pick one.  Select the starting month of your calendar, the holidays you would like included, and then select your photos.  If you wish, you can create a layout ahead of time (with Photoshop or your program of choice) and save it to the correct size for your page, then choose it.

After you’ve chosen your photos or layouts, you’re given the option to drag them around to the month of choice, you can even re-select a photo.  You can add a caption and whether or not you’d like a thumbnail of the previous and following month on each page.  Next you’ve allowed to add personal events and birthdays.  Now the software creates your calendar and opens it for you to view.  At any time during this process, you can skip to design.  Check out your pages, make any changes, and send to MyPicTales for a very special gift!

There you have it!  Easy to create and treasured by those you choose to send one to.  Parents, siblings, grandparents, or a good friend — you’ll find this one of the most special gifts you’ve ever given.

As ever,

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