StoryCorps, lets not forget our stories.

Can you imagine the joy as your mother’s and grandmother’s open a book filled with nostalgia of them and their family? Gather 15 or so pictures from your family, and get the story behind the photo, or a story that person did.  If you can only get a few pictures but more stories, you can fill a book with the stories and a few photo layouts to accent those stories.  The stories get read and remembered.  Oh what a wonderful thing!

NPR (National Broadcast Radio) is in the middle of this fabulous program, called StoryCorp.  Since 2003, StoryCorps has collected and archived more than 35,000 interviews from more than 70,000 participants. Each conversation is recorded on a free CD to share, and is preserved at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. So if you aren’t sure how to interview, or get the stories, listen to a few that have been done and gather ideas! The StoryCorps have free downloads of guides to help you.  I am so pumped about this, I am going to work with my mom via email, and get a few pages made with her help!

I found this layout, and it is what really stirred this whole blog post:

80 words per minute by Iowan:

She took a few photos and added that fun old timey typewriter, and then kapow, her journaling is so fantastic, that I am inspired to make my own book to share with my family of our feats and fun of the past! I would so love to hear about your stories!

A Vacation is a perfect Book

I think sometimes scrappers feel the need to make a huge book for each child or the whole year and we become so overwhelmed by the hugeness of it all, we keep saying I am gonna do this or that.  Then time passes and we still have a computer filled with pages and no books! That is frustrating! I lived it! I finally sat down and uploaded pages and got a book finished.  It feels good. I thought I should give some inspiration on smaller bites to make a book.

I saw this page Greetings from London by lightmistress, and thought to myself, oh yeah, that is the way to start your book!  Then just fill with the sights and adventures of London:

Or since today is the first day of summer, start a book today!!You don’t even have to go anywhere, just the things that you did over the summer! In my house, deep cleaning, swimming at the rec center, bike rides and lots of BBQs!

Look at this one; Summertime by MommaDucks, and each photo she used on her page could be a page within  the book! I am so inspired by this, that I am gonna give it a whirl!

Don’t put it off, give it a whirl! It is so fun to get that book in the mail!

Never lose your joy!

Book in Progress

First I selected photos I might want to use for my book and copied them to a special directory that I named Shirley (as this book is for her), so that I wouldn’t make changes to my original photos.  Then I edited the photos that were too dark or those that I wanted to crop in my Graphics editing software (I use Paint Shop Pro by Corel) — just be certain to not compress your files when saving — keep the size and resolution.  Don’t expect to crop a small area of a photo and use it as a full page.

Next, I opened MyPicTales Taleweaver and clicked on Photo Books – start a new book.  At the bottom, it says “Load images for your book here.”  I clicked on the ++ to load an entire directory (since I’d already copied the photos to a directory to use for my book).  Now it’s time to move my photos to pages.  On pages 2-3, I drug my photo to the page, then chose “add photo” and began to move it around and tug at the corner to stretch it.  I drug it so that part of it was on each page, then adjusted until I got the photo on the page as I wanted.  I chose orange as a single page background, then right clicked on it to fade it to a pale color.

Dragging (stretching) at the corner of your photo will enlarge it proportionately.  If you want to remove some of the sides, top, or bottom, you can click and drag inward.  On my pages 6-7, I used one photo as a two page background, then added a photo on top of it.  I drug a line picture border over my photo, you can also choose frames and corners, brushes or ornaments.

On pages 8 and 9, I used one photo per page, but not as a background.  I lined them up to have a slight border of white; one of which I’ll add a quote to.

To be continued …

As Ever,

Do a Good Thing!

I am constantly amazed at the kindness of the digital scrap world.  The charity kits that come out for friends in peril or sickness, and for countries and areas that have been hit by disasters.  I found this layout and wanted to highlight it in hopes to let people know about Locks to Love. This is a fantastic organization, and my twin girls were treated like twins giving their locks! I came across this remarkable layout that tells a bit more:

I Cut for Cancer by Marif

So, maybe cutting your hair is not something you can do, but look around I bet there is something around you, that you can do good!

~never lose your joy