Special Days

We have memories of special days — the ones that make us smile because they hold wonderful memories.  Did you take photos?  Are they in a box somewhere or have you preserved them in a photo album?  I’ve scanned many of my old photos to use in scrapbooks and photobooks, but for those of you whose collection is already digital — do you have photos printed or are they backed up to CDs (in a box somewhere)?

Photobooks can span a lifetime or a single day — all the things leading up to and through a special event.  Those with weddings (yours or otherwise), be sure to get impromptu photos and lots of family groupings.  These special occasions that bring relatives together are also a wonderful time to capture photos.  The new version of Taleweaver (click the link at the top of the page) will help you to import your photos and add special captions, embellishments, and backgrounds to personalize a photobook or calendar.

As Ever,

Listen In…

If you are a fan of paper or digital scrapbooking, hop over to The Paperclipping Digi Show and The Paperclipping Roundtable for a fun, light-hearted, yet informative discussion all about memory keeping. The shows feature some of your favorite designers and scrappers in a weekly discussion about a variety of somewhat related topics. Better yet, sign up for the feed in iTunes and it will be shipped directly to your iPod! You’ll get a lot of useful tips, and more than a laugh or two.

Individual Pages

MyPicTales Taleweaver Solo software is an awesome tool for you to use when creating photobooks, calendars, and cards.  But you can also use it to upload your individual scrapbook pages.  You’ll be able to see your page and know that you don’t have elements or words too close to the edges.

You can find guidelines explaining the “bleed” extension HERE.   When creating your pages in your own software program, it’s important that you create your pages to our specifications. Pay special attention to the bleed and gutter, keeping your important photos, text, journaling or other graphics within the safe area. More information (including Wendy’s actions for Photoshop) can be found HERE.

When using Taleweaver for single prints, choose that option when you begin (standard hard cover or single prints) and proceed with “start an empty book.”  Locate the folder containing your images — saved with the needed bleed border and at 300 dots per inch (dpi).  Drag your images to the pages and select “single page background” — you will see the page as it will look when you receive your prints.

If you click on a page, you’ll be able to see the bleed area that will be trimmed off.

Should you select photos or layouts with too low a resolution, you will be warned before sending your pages to print.  You’ll want to pay attention to this to assure good prints.

When you have all of your pages added, you can choose the “send to MyPicTales” button — a PDF file will be created that you can review before uploading it.

When you’ve looked at each page, click the box that says you have examined the correctness — and proceed.  You’ll choose the option for single prints and proceed through checkout.

If your resolution and bleed are correct, you’ll be delighted with the prints you’ll receive — I keep most of mine in post bound albums, but often I display them in frames on the wall.  Photobooks are also a wonderful option and MyPicTales has soft cover, hard cover, and wire bound books.  Everyone loves the pages and the books and calendars that I have created!  Especially me.

At the Park

So, did everyone have fun with iNSD a few weeks ago?  I know that I did.  I picked up so many great goodies from all over digi land.  Have you “liked” My Pic Tales on Facebook?  If no, why not?  If yes you know of the great deals and coupons that are often posted there.  During iNSD, I “liked” a lot of my favorite designers, and they also give out coupons, special deals and especially FREEBIES!  (Who doesn’t love a freebie?)

During iNSD, I picked up this faboulous kit, At the Park, from Suzy Q Scraps.

I also have picked up some freebie templates off of Suzy Q’s blog and used Inspired by Keisha and At the Park to create the following layout:

I loved the bright colors in the kit, and it just happened that  my daughter was wearing similiar colors! (And no, I didn’t plan it, eitheir).

Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to scrap!


Lightroom and Digital Scrapbooking

Yes, you read that right… Lightroom by Adobe can be a great tool for digital scrapbookers. You can actually use Lightroom to sort, track and search your digital scrapbooking supplies in addition to your photos. For a limited time, you can learn all about it at Digital Scrapbooking 101. Lightroom isn’t inexpensive, but if you have a student living at home or work for an educational instituation, you can purchase an educational license and get a steep discount. If you want to track and sort your downloads in a more organized way, check out Kayla Lamoreaux’s free Lightroom class.