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Traditions that fade in popularity are scrapbook pages waiting to be written.  One such is the giving of “May baskets.”  We would use paper cups and fill them with candy and some wild violets, then leave them anonymously on neighbors’ doorsteps on May 1st.  My husband had never known the tradition and when someone rang the doorbell, he walked out on the steps and flattened the gift from a neighbor.

Technology is wonderful, but do I cherish some of the old traditions.  Prom here was Friday night, the senior class will be taking the traditional class trip to Florida.  Soon it will be time for softball and soccer, swimming lessons, and many families take a vacation during the summer months.  All are worthy of capturing photos to preserve the memories.

My granddaughter pointed to a playground and told me, “Nana, after a lotsa soons I’ll get to go to school and play there.”  What a beautiful analogy “after a lot of soons” is!  Another is her term for a parade — she still refers to them as a “hip-hip-hurray!”  Many “soons” later, she is finishing Kindergarden.  Her brother is a college senior — life hurries by, capture what you can and keep notes!

Any of these can be shared by creating a personalized calendar, by creating scrapbook pages to have printed (to place in an album), or by creating a photobook.  I’ve created calendars that span years and some using current photos.  My albums tend to span generations and photobooks can be of one special day or a lifetime of memories.

Mother’s Day is next week!  Moms love recognition, we love hugs and shared time with our family, and we love photos of our children and grandchildren!  Have fun surprising your Mom (guys or gals); (and for the Moms) have fun being surprised by your kids!

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