Soon . . .

Traditions that fade in popularity are scrapbook pages waiting to be written.  One such is the giving of “May baskets.”  We would use paper cups and fill them with candy and some wild violets, then leave them anonymously on neighbors’ doorsteps on May 1st.  My husband had never known the tradition and when someone rang the doorbell, he walked out on the steps and flattened the gift from a neighbor.

Technology is wonderful, but do I cherish some of the old traditions.  Prom here was Friday night, the senior class will be taking the traditional class trip to Florida.  Soon it will be time for softball and soccer, swimming lessons, and many families take a vacation during the summer months.  All are worthy of capturing photos to preserve the memories.

My granddaughter pointed to a playground and told me, “Nana, after a lotsa soons I’ll get to go to school and play there.”  What a beautiful analogy “after a lot of soons” is!  Another is her term for a parade — she still refers to them as a “hip-hip-hurray!”  Many “soons” later, she is finishing Kindergarden.  Her brother is a college senior — life hurries by, capture what you can and keep notes!

Any of these can be shared by creating a personalized calendar, by creating scrapbook pages to have printed (to place in an album), or by creating a photobook.  I’ve created calendars that span years and some using current photos.  My albums tend to span generations and photobooks can be of one special day or a lifetime of memories.

Mother’s Day is next week!  Moms love recognition, we love hugs and shared time with our family, and we love photos of our children and grandchildren!  Have fun surprising your Mom (guys or gals); (and for the Moms) have fun being surprised by your kids!

As Ever,

On this Day in History…

Today, is one of those days that will go down in history.  I have to confess, I was debating getting up to watch the Royal Wedding.  I thought, I’m a 30 something mom who has a lot going on and why the heck do I want to get up EARLY and watch a wedding?  The little girl in me, the one who got up way early to watch Princess Diana’s wedding with her mom and grandma won out – and I’m glad that I did. 

It was different this time. I am older and have had more life experiences, but I still loved evry minute of it.   I loved the excitement and the pagentry and the beauty of seeing London.  The history of the buildings and the people is amazing.  I had a different type of appreciation for the events then I did as a little girl.  (Of course, I still loved the dresses and the “glitz”.)

This, and along with a post I read earlier in the week from got me to thinking about scrapping specific days in history.  Today will be one of those days in the upcoming years that when people say, Where were you when William and Kate got married? and I can say I was home and watched part of it with my two children.  Today falls into that very small category of days such as “Did you watch Princess Diana get Married?” and where were you when the Berlin wall fell, or when John F.Kennedy’s plane crashed?  These are some of the events that define my life.

Katie, from has an excellent post on how to use resources on the web to find out what happened in particular days in history. You can view the entire post here.  There are several excellent sites that can help you to gather the history for the particular date that you are interested in. 

These sites are excellent for commemorating “major” days in world history, but also for commemorating the important days in your own history.  The date that you were born, married or had your children  are a few that come to mind. Imagine the keepsakes that these pages would make.  I do believe I am off to create a few of these myself.


Happy Scrapping,

Happy Tuesday!!

We are enjoying spring break here in California! The kids are on pure freedom and I am doing catch up on book keeping.  I love to take a moment and look at the galleries around digiland.  I fell onto this layout called Yesterday by tropt, and it so captures what scrapping is about. Our memories:

Isn’t it time to take all those memories on pages and make a book? MyPicTales is perfect for you!

Springtime Happenings

Amidst the extreme weather we can experience in the Midwest United States during Springtime, we also have several events and holidays that are perfect for photo taking.  Good Friday and Earth Day shared April 22nd, Easter will be April 24th, Administrative Professionals week is April 24th – 30th, and Mother’s Day is May 8th!  My calendar also includes my grandchild’s participation in the school’s Spring music program and a dance recital; each of which will hold special memories to capture in photos.

My 5-year-old granddaughter loves the park and we’ve decided to keep a record of each time we go to the park this year!  I’m taking photos and we’re keeping a chart of each park we visit.  Wow, this will make such a special photobook — and will preserve the memories we’ll create this year to be remembered again and again.

Get to planning!  We Moms and Grandmoms just love photos of our children and grandchildren!  Scrapbook pages, photobooks, or calendars — all are perfect Mother’s Day gifts!  Proms are also awesome photo opportunities and would make a wonderful photobook gift!  Do check out the MyPicTales Taleweaver software for creating a photobook to preserve your special memories!

Happy Springtime!

As Ever,

Can you feel it????

The excitement building in the air?  National Scrapbook Day is around the corner and the digi world is starting to buzz with goings on.  Designers are busily designing so that we will have all sorts of new goodies to play with and CT members are getting ready to host all sorts of challenges and giveaways.  Last year, I wasn’t near a computer because we were traveling, but I figured out how to order goodies on my phone, lol, while we were driving home.  (That was the most fun that I’d ever had driving home from the beach)I just had to download them once I got to my computer.  This year, National Scrapbook Day is also on Mother’s Day weekend.  Do you think my family would be offended if I tried to get rid of them for sometime that weekend??

Now, on to some eye candy.  One of my very favorite designers is Mary Fran from  She creates the cutest, most whimsical designs which always bring a smile to my face.  One of the kits that is at the top of my wish list is “Twinkle Toes”

I know that at some point this kit will come to my hard drive to help commerate my daughters first full year of ballet class and her first recital.  She has been practicing so hard and is looking forward to the performance.  So what kit of Mary Fran’s is your favorite? I’d love to know.

Happy Scrapping,