I’m going to VEGAS!

I leave Friday to meet some digital friends in the ritz of the desert: Las Vegas! I am really excited and will be taking an Art Journaling Class from Tangie Baxter!  Four hours of hands on experience.  This is a huge thing for me, as I am a digital scrapper, and paints and texture in real life scare me.  I am so excited about meeting peeps that I only know from their avatars and pages in galleries. I went looking specifically for pages about Las Vegas, and was not disappointed.

Fabulous Las Vegas by tjscraps

Looks like she had a blast! I am sure I will too!


There are many events in our lives we enjoy sharing, even “bragging” about — how about creating a brag book that features such an event?  A birth or a birthday, a new home or remodeling, or a day in the life of someone special.  There are endless possibilities.

A helpful combination at MyPicTales is using the Taleweaver software and the Design Center.  The software helps you to set up your pages, rearrange and edit until you are ready to upload it for printing.  The Design Center contains some backgrounds and pages to help you design a beautiful page for your photos.

This page was created in Taleweaver using a page from the Design Center and will be the first page in a bragbook I’m creating for my niece.

So many options — but so worth the effort!  Do visit the Design Center at MyPicTales!  Be sure to check out any current promotions (and “like” MyPicTales on facebook).  Have fun!

As Ever,

Everyday Pictures are Memories Too

If you go through any digital scrap booking gallery, you will see oodles of special days, vacations, and groups of people. There are pages to celebrate birthdays, pages to document first moments throughout our children’s lives and pages to remember important things.  I saw a page yesterday, and my heart was so touched.

Carl-Another Monday

This is a page that made me remember that those everyday things, like my hubby going off to work faithfully is a powerful memory, and this page is one that I can see family looking at this in years down the line, and going, “I remember this, this is what (insert title) GRandpa, Dad, brother, uncle Carl did everyday” How cool you made a page about it.

I loved it and just want to remind you to scrap those everyday pictures of those around you!

Photobook Spine Text

Browsing books at the library or on your own bookshelves is made much easier by the text on the spine. Did you know that you can add text to the spine of your custom photobook? The design process for the cover of your photo book is the same as for interior pages.

Download the Taleweaver software from MyPicTales and install it on your computer. There are some helpful videos and tutorials to assist you as you learn the program. You can choose to let the program create your pages, or you can create each one yourself — either using the templates provided or inserting page layouts you have created.

Frames captions, grids, and so on, behave on the front page exactly as they do within the book. But the area between the front of the book and the back is separated on the graphic and shown as the spine — so you can select it and add a title. You might even want to add a title and author.

The page you select at the top of your window will be shown in the main area. I have selected “Front” for this view — you can see the spine area. The photos you have loaded will be shown to the bottom of the window. Your Spine Text can be added after you’ve finished your pages; I’m showing it first to allow it to be better emphasized.

Click above the spine area and the triangle will move there; Then select, “Insert > New Caption”

You will see a text box in the spine area, as well as font choices …

Click on the “select objects” arrow and use it to select the spine area. A text box will appear that you can type your title into.

You can then use the magnifying box to enlarge the page so you can adjust your text size and font.

Customized covers will often be colored or a photo. You can also adjust the color of your title text so it looks good on your chosen cover.

In this example neither black or white work well, so I went with a green. Experiment!

It’s wonderful to have text on the spine – what a bonus as you add books to your collection!

As Ever,

Thinking Outside the Box

Somedays, it’s good to think outside the box.  You are probably wondering, where am I going with this and how the heck does it relate to scrapbooking? Well… here it is.  I know that when I am in need of some digi goodness, I usually go to specific designers that I like or specific sites and find some goodies and that’s it.  Well, there are other options.  Options include taking a class, or even exploring what the traditional stamping companies, like Stampin’ Up and Close to My Heart have to offer.

Big Picture Scrapbook can be found   here and offer a wide range of classes including some free ones.  Who doesn’t like free? The good thing about taking classes through here is that you have lifetime access to the material, so if you’re like me and aren’t able to keep up while the class is going on, you can go back at a later time and finish the class.  I was quite happy with the class that I took and learned a lot.

Close to My Heart offers a digital option called Studio J and is available here.  The site is free to join and explore.  I believe that you have to become a member in order to print out your layouts.

Stampin’ Up has a product called My Digital Studio and is available here.The basic download includes a tremendous amount of paper, embellishments and digital stamps.  Stampin’ Up also is coming out with new downloads monthly that are compatible with other popular programs such as Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. 


I do have this program and have purchased additional downloads and enjoy them both.  I usually with use the components in Elements, because the it has more editing choices (and I am more familiar with the program) than My Digital Studio.  I also like the ability to buy individual downloads to add to my ever growing library!

So the next time you are looking for some new designs, check out some of these options.  You’d be surprised at what you’d find.