Quality and Service

My Friday was spent in airports and on airplanes.  I joined DH after spending the holidays (and more) near my grandchildren.  The travel experience has left me frustrated with the lack of personality in transactions these days (which makes me even more appreciative of the reasonable prices and excellent customer service at MyPicTales)!

The cable company would not sell me Internet (even though they are nationwide) unless I also paid for telephone or television.  So I returned their box and modem.   Since we live on wheels and in P O Boxes, we need to find providers of telephone, television, and Internet that will work at any given location.  Phoning these companies is a ridiculous process — a recorded message offers menus and if you finally get to talk to a person, they don’t understand the question and/or don’t know the answers.

MyPicTales also offers quality workmanship with such attention to detail that they actually contacted me when my instructions were not clear — they wanted to get my order done the way I wanted it done!  Wow!

My flights were wonderful; fortunately each was on time as I had booked allowing only 40 minutes between connections in two different airports.  But trying to find information on the airline’s website or get a friendly person to talk to on the phone was impossible.  I was extremely frustrated at having to pay an additional $25 for one small piece of luggage — omigosh, I’d paid plenty for my tickets and the flights were full!

DH and I have often wished that someone had written a book on retirement travel, giving tips and explaining the best way to purchase television, telephone, and Internet plans for those on wheels.

Are you ready for February?  Hurry and create your cards and gifts and be sure to remember MyPicTales for quality, reasonable pricing, and superb customer service!

As Ever,

Lost in the Snow

I have been lost in a snow bank these last few weeks.  I live in the NorthEast (not Connecticut or a New England State) and we’ve had a decent amount of snow. Blah. This lastest storm dumped 11 – 12 inches at our house and created a royal mess.  I’m sore in places that I didn’t realize I had from all of the shoveling.  So I’ve kind of been on a “colorful” kick with the hopes that Spring is soon going to be here. (I did have to laugh last night when I got a solicitation call from a lawn care company last night.  I was like, dude, I’m not sure if we are ever going to see our yard again, so right now, I’m not too worried about the state of it.)

I found this good deal at one of my favorite places. www.scraporchard.com.  It is a grab bag from 4 designers and only available until Jan.31 at a crazy good price.

For more details go here.

On the bright side, there are only 51 more days until Spring! (But who’s counting ?? 🙂 )

Until next week,


The Sun is Poppin OUT!

I love, love, love Spring, because it means Summer is closer! Give me heat, give me sun, blue skies and warm!! I went through a few galleries, and then remembered that the Artisan Guild is now an open gallery! What a wonderful and lush gallery!

This one popped out so fast, love the silhouette as it goes into the beautiful background! SharLamb captured The Perfect Day

I hope where ever you are, the season is beautiful and you are able to capture the perfect day!

Heading for the Beach!

My daughter’s grandma loved the calendar I made for her; it turned out well.  Some of my scans were not great, but she’s enjoying the memories and photos of the great-grandchildren.  We just can’t share all of our photos — especially with those who are not online.  So a calendar or photobook are excellent choices for gifts.

My book-of-me project is ongoing; I’ve created a directory on my computer that I’m using to store text files of memories.  When some old memory creeps into my thoughts, I sit down and write about it.  I’ve also put a small notebook into my purse (these flashbacks happen when least expected, and I hope to capture many of them).  I also have a collection of cute things my grandkids have said or done.

This week I’ve been working on genealogy and heritage layouts.  In the past, I’ve found photos that will work well with a specific kit or design.  Now I’m working to fill in details and the simple snapshots that help tell the story.  Currently I’m working with my maternal Grandpa’s family (I have many photos and would like to include as many as I can — along with any information I have).  For this project, I’m creating scrapbook pages that I can have printed and put into my own postbound albums.

The kit I’ve chosen to feature this week is by Denise Bailey.  It’s named Home Again Cross the Sea, and it’s full of lots of sea themed elements.  Since I’m finally heading south this week, I hope to have many photos at the beach very soon!

As Ever,

Complete your Memories

Winter months where I reside are cold.  This year there has been much snow.  Before retirement, my husband decided that he would spend his winters where he could wear shorts, and since his only son has since moved to Florida, that became our wintertime destination.  With ten years of Florida winters behind me, I decided to stay home this winter — to spend the holidays with my side of the family!

What a concept to explain whilst recording my life!  Christmas with a college senior (my grandson) and his Kindergartner sister, (my granddaughter).  I’ve actually been here to help on snow days (my granddaughter and I enjoy our days together playing with dolls, playing Candyland on the computer, and using glitter glue to create beautiful memories).  My camera has been busy, as well.  I have plans for a “winter of 2010-11” photobook that contains the photos and my journaling about why I chose to stay home.  My husband is hoping I buy a plane ticket soon, but I am rather enjoying being a rebel and having the house to myself.

What better kit for me to use for pages about my life than this new one by Kiki Halbert called That’s Me! Who is going to tell your story if you don’t? Document your feelings, your desires, and where you are at this moment in time. Click on the image for a link to the kit.

Do remember to journal!  It just completes the memory!

As Ever,