Telling all the Story!

I fell in love with a scrapper in the gallery today! A scrapper that tells a story with the pictures, elements and then adds the best journalling!  If you haven’t seen her work, Aggie is her name and here are a few incredible layouts:


and this one is called Funny Faces:

I love the vibrancy and wow factor she has here.  Sometimes you look at a page and go that is neat, but I can see these would be even WOW WOW WOW when printed out at 12×12!  These are wonderful memories….I saw she used templates by Cindy Schneider-okay I’m sold, I am headed over to buy some now!! Sweet Shoppe Designs, be nice to my Paypal!

Organize, Backup, Enjoy!

We took a pontoon ride last Sunday to relax and recharge after my daughter’s move.  My granddaughter played in the sand at a beach and I filled my camera with photos.  I so enjoy digital; when my daughter was young I had an inexpensive camera and couldn’t afford to take too many photos because of needing to have them developed (it’s wonderful to now take dozens of shots to select the best for printing).

These weeks sure come around fast!  I work outside the home on Mondays, I watched my granddaughter on Tuesdays — this week I rode with my daughter and granddaughter to have lunch with my grandson; it was his 21st birthday.  Thursday my granddaughter began Kindergarten.  My dryer broke, so I hung clothes on the line — they do smell good!  Then I spent many hours sorting files on my computer — I like to create directories to keep my kits, templates, and digital photos organized.

Hard drives and external hard drives are so enormous these days that it’s quite easy to forget what you have saved — unless you take the time to organize your files.  It’s easiest to do if you keep it up.  I got my first digital camera in 2000, so I have folders for each year.  Inside those folders, I have folders for each month (201001, 201002, etc.) – by placing the year first, then the month, the computer sorts them in the correct order.

My digital scrapbooking files are kept in folders, too.  I have a folder for kits, then subfolders of designers, and then subfolders for each kit.  I do the same with templates, quick pages, and wordart.  Organization helps immensely when working on a project.  Backup is essential, also — I know there are online backup services, but I prefer my “handy-dandy” external hard drives (yup, I don’t trust one so I have two).

Along with the advantages of digital comes the reality that there are no negatives.  I immediately save my digital photos to the computer and the external hard drives.  I also keep a copy of each digital layout I’ve created – even though I’ve had them printed.  Digital is such a special concept; so is protecting your photos by backing them up (CDs, DVDs, external hard drives kept in a safe place).

Well, I still haven’t ordered my wire bound book for my granddaughter’s birthday party — I want to make sure that I’ve spelled her friends names correctly.  And now that she’s in school, I will have extra time to work on preserving the memories of her first five years.  I still appreciate templates for placing photos on a page — the Taleweaver software at MyPicTales is wonderful for helping you place photos on your pages (but also allows you to import pages you’ve created outside the software).

May I suggest TaylorMade at Oscraps-dot-com.  She has awesome templates for single-page layouts, and for complete photobooks.

Now, get to organizing your files — and do back them up!

As Ever,

Beginning to Feel Like Fall

Around my neck of the woods (eastern Pa) it’s starting to feel a bit like fall.  I’m a happy camper since fall is my favorite time of the year.  I like when it’s a little cooler and you may need a light sweatshirt or jacket, but you don’t need to be bundled up head to toe. (Plus, there is no snow to shovel but that’s a post for another time, LOL.)  The mornings are a little cooler and the nights are too. Fall in our house also means certain traditions. Traditions such as apple picking, going to pumpkin patches and going on a farm “open house” tour. Plus it’s also the start of soccer season. So it is a busy, busy (but fun) time.

So I went looking for some fall kits, and found Shades of Autumn by Ziggle Designs at

I love the subtle colors and design of the kit.  This would also be a perfect kit to design some pages with, maybe a picture a day for the month of October? The possibilities are endless.

So, until next Friday What Stories Are You Going to Tell?



Teaching Photoshop?

First thing.  I am not a professional scrapper, and I don’t even play one on the radio!  I love scrapping and love others to learn this easy to do and easy to clean hobby!  Last night I brought my pages I had just received from MyPicTales to a Ladies Night at Starbucks.  Eleven woman, who looked at me with that glint in their eyes, “oh I want to learn this!”

The number one thing that was stopping them, was the cost of printing. I explained to them, the prices here at MyPicTales:

$0.50 per page
$0.50 per page
$0.50 per page
$0.50 per page
$1.00 per page
That was the big deciding factor, let’s do it!  I have seen some of the pages these woman create with paper and real elements, there is big cash on those pages!!
I volunteered to have them all over for a fun evening of making a page, they bring their laptops and program, and we can all get the same kit and do a layout.  My hubby is going to hook my computer to a projector to show on the wall! Doesn’t that sound fantastic!!  I told them, they are my guinea pigs!  I have always wanted to teach others that scrapbooking doesn’t have to be expensive.  It is not an exclusive group. Kits are so reasonable, and the amount of freebies out there can keep you going for a long while!
In case you want to learn, but have some fears, there are many places to go to learn the basics.  I know  Hummie’s World has numerous tutorials and Jessica Sprague is another that comes to mind.  I am currently taking a class from Miss Behaving, who is guesting at Scrapbookgraphics on the pen tool.  I love to keep learning.
I leave you with a layout that made me gasp…Goodbye Summer by joannknnrd
Thanks for reading!!!

A Moving Experience

Happy or sad, life moves on.  Generations future will know more about their ancestors — with digital cameras, we can take hundreds (even thousands) of photos — and only keep the best for printing!  We work, we play, we love, we plan — we remember (and with scrapbooking, we can add journaling to those “best” photos to explain the reason for the photos).  With MyPicTales, we can preserve these memories after creating layouts for individual prints or pages to create a special photobook!

Much of this week was spent helping my daughter’s family move.  Hurray — for the sale of the home; hurray — for the building if the new home; hurray — the move!  But in real life there are setbacks (created by weather, created by conflicts, created by gaps in communication).  I did take photos and am making notes to preserve the joy and hardship of what just happened.

Grasp the concept (when our grandchildren wonder at their ancestors, we’ll have provided some history with our photobooks and scrapbook layouts).  I chose this page as layout-of-the-day.

After completing notes for the photos I took this week, I plan to go to the MyPicTales site and order some “We’ve Moved” cards.  Have a wonderful week!

As Ever,