Preserving the Bounty

My daughter asked me to help with making pickles this year; she planted cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, onions (and more). I took some photos and thought about the bounty of fresh produce we were preserving and the memories we were making. The photos captured our progress, and the descriptive journaling will preserve the memories we made.

The month of July has been filled with activity; a nephew took over a thousand photos at our reunion last weekend! I’ve been making notes about our activities – telling about the photo (or group of photos) completes the story to share with those looking at your album. I have several old photos from family that were taken at reunions and I can pick out some relatives, but don’t know who many are (or where the get-together took place).

Among the photos are standouts that I use for book covers and for wall art! Some of these don’t require a story. For these, I often find a fitting wordart and add the date.  There are also times within a photobook when many photos share the journaling, but a page is enhanced by wordart:

Click on the wordart to be taken to Bethany’s store.  These wordart packages go perfectly with the photos we took at the zoo and at Lion Country.  I also used wordart combined with journaling for a Wire-O bound book for my granddaughter’s birthday party.  It will become a keepsake of that special day in her life.  Do check out the new Taleweaver software — there are many templates to help when adding photos to pages.

As Ever,

Where Do I Start?

Wow, these last two weeks have been crazy. Super crazy.  Our vacation/staycation was great. It was nice to combine a brief getaway with doing things around home.  It worked out well because my son developed sinusisits and after two nights of listening to him snore and cough at night, my husband and I were ready to be back in our own house so he could have his own bedroom, LOL.  It’s the little things that you appreciate more when things like this happen.

I  also finished up a contract position this week, so I am home again with the kiddos.  They arew sooo happy to have Mommy home again.  Their response on my last day was great.  Being home is also allowing me to catch up on things and visit with family and friends.  I am certainly looking forward to that!

As you can imagine, I took a lot of pictures on vacation. A LOT.  Taking so many pictures will most likely mean that I will choose templates to get a lot of pictures on my pages and fast.  Templates take the design process somewhat out of the picture and for me this means that I can speed up my scrapping process.  (I usually scrap with templates and find that I’m a “kit” scrapper – meaning I generally use the supplies that come with a certain kit.

So I was cruising around digiland I found Studio Jen located at  She has quite a variety of templates and I chose this set,


I picked this selection because it had a variety of templates from those with just three larger photos to a 9 photo spread.  A perfect solution for someone who took a lot of pictures and wants to get a lot of them into my books in a short amount of time.

The layout that I found was by amson and located in the StudioGraphics gallery under Studio Jen. 

I love the colors in it and the flowers are just beautiful. 

So, until next Friday What Stories Are You Going to Tell?


SUMMER? where did you go?

Oh where have you been, what have you done this summer?  I looked and say 27th of July? Time is moving so fast?!?  We had one daughter in casts for the first 6 weeks of summer, so stayed close to home.  We are planning to fit all of our summer in a few weeks of craziness.  I love to see what you did this summer?

Here are a few layouts that caught the summer feel:

first by 1girl1boy, summer nights (okay I love baseball and summertime)

and this Celebrate Life by cinzia just caught to me the everyday life of summertime:

I loved looking at the fun layouts of summer and need to get my fingers moving and make one or two or twenty and make a summer time book here at MyPicTales


Did you SEE??

New Site Design

You may have noticed that received a facelift this week! Stop by and check out the modern new look! To celebrate, we’re offering 25% off any order through August 6th. Just enter the coupon code: CELEBRATE at checkout. (Offer not valid on any other offer.)

new site design

Software Upgrade

Our award-winning TaleWeaver software also got a brand new look. It’s rebuilt from the ground up with great new features, improved speed and a pretty new interface! TaleWeaver Solo is FREE and offers the following updates:

  • Photobooks, Cards & Calendars All-In-One Program!
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new software

photobook layout

Product Photo Gallery

We now have a new product photo gallery so you can see some examples of our high-quality books in various covers, sizes and bindings! Now you can see up close some examples of our high-quality work! A great big thank you to some of our customers for allowing us to share their books with you.


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Rainy Day Sunshine

We are receiving more than our share of moisture in the mid-West; rivers and streams have overflowed their banks.  Many families are faced with the obstacles of altered travel, wet basements, and clean-up.  But the storms subsided long enough for an excursion to a nearby county fair (and music concert), and the weather is supposed to co-operate with our mid-day family reunion.

Sunshine is defined as “the light of the sun; the direct rays of the sun; a source of cheer or happiness.”    Activities shared with family bring their own special flavor of sunshine into my life and into my photo albums. So, that’s the theme for my July photobook, what’s yours?

Scrapbooking digitally allows you the freedom to add journaling to photos of special moments, add matching papers and elements to enhance your pages, and once completed you can create extra copies.  Planning is an important step when creating exactly what you want in a photobook. Begin with decisions on the theme of your book, then organize your photos and make choices on colors and fonts that will complement your pages.

My pick for layout of the day is I Love Summer with journaling to preserve the memory.


MyPicTales has a (NEW!) program that walks you through creation of your book or album, page-by-page.  When you open the Taleweaver software, you’ll be given options for page layouts — and a help section when you have questions.  Check out the “how it works” link to get started!