Bath Time

Bath time with kids is always a fun time for little ones.  I found this darling layout by magicaldream that I just had to show everyone.



It’s just precious.  If you’d like to buy the kit to make your own layouts, it’s available at digitalcrea by MartaDesigns.

Using the MyPicTales software, you can make a cute bathtime photobook with this kit.  Or if you’d prefer, you can also make single pages.  Simply upload them to MPT for printing.


sometimes the truth hurts but shows you things

Oh I have been wallowing the past few weeks, okay since March, I admit it.  You see, I apply for creative teams.  I don’t just apply, I write long letters full of laughter, viewpoints and funny little facts.  I have this vision that the designer looking for a team player, will read my letter and laugh so hard, that they have to ask me to be on their team.

Designers, although most love to laugh are business people!  I am not a wow factor scrapper, I am a scrapper with 4 kids that are a joy to me.  I take a million pictures a day, and try and scrap them to the best of my abilities.  This means, the pictures and the words are the most important.  The elements, colors, texture and shadows…eh! They mean nothing to the ones that turn the pages to the albums.  My kids seriously have the words memorized on most of the pages in our albums!

I have a few friends in the digiworld…that I am so close to, that I can honestly say, I love them.  They are mentors to me, and cohorts in laughter and merriment!  They are wow factor scrappers!  I mean oh my gosh, how did you, what did you, where did this come from kinda scrappers.  I am total awe of 99% of their pages.  I tried to duplicate them, uhm yuck!

These 3 ladies; Kate, Miss Behavin’ and Chengie told me the truth.  I didn’t love my pages.  I just did them.  Miss Be said when you find what you love, then it will be fun again.  Now, I am pondering this, a lot.  Like go to bed ponder and wonder for hours.

Scrapping is not going to change the world.  This is a hobby, something I like to do.  I can play and make pages that make my family happy.  I did that for years with Power Point, some flat, boring pages and my family loves them!!  I looked at a few of those pages, full of pictures and words.  Words, words, words and more words.  I wanted to capture what was going on in the pictures, so that you didn’t say, oh what is this picture?  I love writing those descriptions!

I love writing.


I love writing.  I scrap and rearrange beautiful elements for some pretty awesome designers.  I get to use a powerful program to change layers and cluster.  I take classes to learn shadows, and how to get the most out of Photo Shop.  I ask questions relentlessly, and read tutorials all the time!  but….

I love writing.

I made a couple rules for my life in scrapping, I thought you might enjoy them:


I am smiling and thankful that My Pic Tales lets me write, and babble.  I hope others out there, illustrators of words smile and think, hey ya, that is me.

Document Those Memories

The memories you document now may answer questions, trigger smiles, and exhibit love many years from now!  (Spoken from experience), my Dad was in the military when I was very young and Mom took many photos of us to document what he was missing.  Sixty years later, I’m loving those old photos and home movies (in fact, I just had the home movies transferred to DVD).

Today (2010) we can add journaling to captured memories (stuff we want to remember about what we were doing or why we took the photo).  I have traditional manila scrapbooks with glued clippings, photos, and elements (4-H ribbons, theater tickets, photos) – but I love the albums and books I’ve created thanks to digital scrapbooking.  No matter your age group — there are memories to document; you (and your loved ones) will enjoy visiting via your albums and photobooks.

DH & I are doing some remodeling, I’m taking my granddaughter to her first swimming lessons — each are worthy of a page or two in my album of memories. She & I spent hours in the hammock, we went to some parks, we shopped, and she ran through the sprinkler.  This featured layout is one that I can imagine scraplifting for the memories I captured with my digital camera.

Are you new to digital scrapbooking?  Find some tutorials to help you with decisions for software and browse some galleries to help you decide which style of page you’d like to document your memories with.  Make sure you click on the MyPicTales links — the resources link has tutorials and FAQs.

A New Baby

I live two blocks from a very large city forest, so I’m used to wildlife being in my yard, deer especially. In fact, they’re pests. I have to keep everything netted so they won’t eat my flowers. 

Last Thursday morning I saw a large deer in my yard by the veggie garden (which is fenced) so I did what I always do – I ran outside and chased it away. Well, that afternoon my hubby was mowing the lawn and saw an animal in the veggie garden – it was a fawn! He ran in to get me and of course I grabbed my camera. But when I got close enough to take a picture, it spooked and ran out the door (which I must have left open yesterday) and hid behind the deck. About 10 minutes later, it ran back into the veggie garden and lay down behind one the raised beds.

It’s so incredibly cute and small. The baby was  alone all day. It hasn’t nursed – poor thing. I was really worried that mama wouldn’t come back for it.  But thank heavens, that same night mama did return and by the next morning they were gone only to move their residence to my neighbor’s back yard!

Here are some pics I took of them on Sunday – I hid behind my fency and used the zoom on my camera.





aw to be a shadow of one’s self

I am losing weight, woo hoo….finally lost 25 pounds.  I have more to go, but am rather proud of myself!  Pat self on the back!

I usually go and find a layout of the day, but today, I want to tell of something I am doing.  I love to improve my skills as a scrapper.  I read tutorials, and push buttons on my program, just to see what will happen.  On Mother’s Day, my family asked what do you want?

An afternoon with my CS program and Miss Behaving’s tutorial; PhotoShop 101.

I.  Introduction to your software
2. Navigator Window
3. Materials
4. Layer Palette
5. Tool Box
6. Tool Box Options
7. Keyboard Shortcuts
8. How to Open an Image
9. Auto Enhancements
10. How to Save an Image
11. How to use Masks

Yesterday, the class started, and already I have learned so much about my workspace!  This is a valuable class.  There is also a lovely printable PDF of keyboard shortcuts that Miss Behaving has made up that I have taped to my computer desk so I can see often!  My son (almost 14) is doing a PhotoShop class this fall as a homeschooler and Miss Behaving is going to be his teacher, via these videos! Did I tell you it is videos? You watch and learn as she explains in the most down to earth, not to mention lovely voice how to use your program.

I was also able to sign up for her shadows workshop:

I totally freaked when I found out they were at the same time, would my brain explode with knowledge and nothing stick?  My fears were put to rest, as I sat and watched the video.  One time, two times, okay I watched it a lot!  There is a ton of info in the first workshop, but so good!  I learned how to seperate my shadow into a whole different layer! That tripped me out! How to use my blends with the right opacity and or fill!

I took a regular background, and 2 elements and what I learned just yesterday to create shadows and a makeshift floor(done with gradients):

Now, Miss Behaving has a few tutorials (written) for free also over at Deviant Scraps, and a quick extraction video on using your lasso tool!  Fan TAB u LOUS!

So increase your skills, take a class or workshop, read a tutorial!  It is fun to learn!

~anne of alamo