Doing the Happy Dance

You might ask, why ARE you doing the happy dance?? As I sit writing this post on Thursday night, I have so many things to be happy for; I am one lucky person.  The first is that my family and I are leaving for the beach tomorrow morning, woot!  Yup, we (my husband and I) are taking the day off from work and pulling my son out of school (he thinks that that is the best idea he’s heard in a long time 🙂 ) and heading for the beach.  I am a lucky person that where I live, I can be in Philadelphia in about 1 – 1.5 hrs; be in New York City in about 1.5 hours, be in the mountains in about 1 hour and be AT THE BEACH in about 2.5 hours. (Really it could be shorter, but the beach we like to go to is in southern NJ.)  So we are taking a much needed mini vacation.  The highlight of the trip (for me anyway is going to be on Saturday.  The town is having a Spring Block party with over 350 vendors and tons of food.)  The highlight for my kids is going to be spending time on the beach building sandcastles. (My daughter has been counting down the days until we go since the beginning of last week!)  We are lucky that the weather is going to be beautiful – in the 80’s. 

       I am also happy because I logged on to do my post and got reminded about all of the iNSD sales.  I promptly had to go check them out and did my “damage” at  While I was there cruising around I found their May Monthly Mega and snagged that too since it’s just what I was looking for for an upcoming project.

My cousin is getting married in June and I want to do a digital album for her.  My goal is to have all of the layouts done with spaces for the pictures.  I am then going to put it on a CD and let her fill in the pictures, take the files back and get it printed (at, of course) for her and her husband.  The colors for the wedding are pink and purple and I think this kit is going to fit the bill. 

I am also happy with how well my son is doing in school.  (He’s in first grade and had some learning problems this year.)  He came home today all excited because he is allowed to go to the prize jar for good behavior on Monday (since he won’t be there today.) and his teacher promised him that she would put aside a special prize for him.  Apparently there is a new fad out there with some sort of crazy bracelets and she is going to save one for him.  He is so excited about this.

I hope that everyone has as good of a weekend that I am planning on having.  I’ve got to run – still have packing to do (somehow Mom is the last one to get packed) and things to organize. So until next Friday – What Stories Are You Going to Tell?



Sales and give-aways

Well, I see that Ann has already filled everyone in on the super sales that will be going on this weekend.  Can’t wait to stock up on some new kits.  Dear hubby wants me to go away this weekend with him to our land in the country, but there’s no internet there so I might have to stay in the city where I can shop, shop and shop some more.

This is just the best time of year isn’t it?  Spring is here, school will be getting out soon – which means I’ll be getting out soon too as I work in one, lol.  Counting down the days 🙂  No really, I love the students and I love books.  It’s a fantastic combination.  They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.  That’s very true.

In addition to all of the sales this weekend, Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  To honor all the moms out there, I made a cute little kit that I’m giving away for free.  You can get here:



 …. and I have two free QPs on my blog that you can snag.  So kiss your mom and scrap a photobook for her (which of course, you can have printed here at MyPicTales)




Hugs, Snackpackgu (Debbie)

Scrapbooking Day???????and out and out funny layouts!

Okay, I searched and searched, and the folks around digiland have a few different days for scrapbooking. Some say March, others the first Saturday of November and now I am seeing all these ads that it is THIS weekend? I think I may have figured it out, which scares me more than anything!

The March date is National Day of Scrapbooking for the United States.

The April is the International Day of Scrapbooking for digi/hybrid/paper everywhere.

The November date is just digital scrapbooking!

ha ha – gotta love it…well it is an excuse for a sale, and sale is always better than full price! I can feel the tremors as the early bird sales are kicking off!

I want to write today about a few people that make me laugh-the ladies of the chat at Scrap Book Graphics.  We have a small contest going on and it is hilarious!  Kate is the fearless leader, and she comes up with fun and very unusual games for our Tuesday night chats.  Last week, she gave out homophones, words that sound the same, but spelled different.  My partner and I did Bazaar/Bizarre.  I had a blast.  Then Kate and Fifi came out with this:

This next one, I seriously am going to have My Pic Tales print and Modge Podge on 6×6 canvases!  Sandra and Miss Be blew my mind with the awesomeness of theirs:

Hilarious fun!  Laughter and friendship! The layouts are linked for credits and for you to leave love!!

I also wanted to point out a new fresh place called Deviant Scraps,

This is one of the most high energy places I have been in a while! The talent there is jaw dropping awesome and they are telling their secrets, laughing and enjoying scrapping…and that is my favorite way to be…

There’s my little update on scrapbooking in my world!  Hope to hear from you!

Pocket Memories

A favorite hybrid project that I completed was a small book to carry in my purse (or pocket).  With a total of eight pages, all from one sheet of paper, your measurements will depend on your paper size (if you are using an entire sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper, your individual pages would be 2.75 inches by 4.25 inches).  There is a cutting and folding guide here, along with pages you can add to your book (calendars, reference sheets, even phone numbers).

My book was created over five years ago and I still carry it in my purse!  The original folding design is from an origami book (I’ve drawn lines on the layout to show how mine was laid out, but you wouldn’t have it printed with lines).  Photos are a great choice, but you can also create mini layouts for each page, including your cover and back page (I used a kit by Lauren Bavin).  Then upload your page to MyPicTales and have it printed for only 50¢ – why not create more for gifts?

As Ever,

Something New to Try

I tried something new the other week and it worked out well, so I thought that I would share it with everyone. I found instructions for how to make a hybrid project using ceramic tiles.  This is similar to the canvas project that I featured at the beginning of the year. 

The first thing that you need to do is to go to your favorite home improvement store and select some ceramic tiles.  They are sold individually (I think the one that I used was 4 x 4), can come in different sizes, and also come in a 12 x 12 sheet.  The neat thing about the ones on the 12 x 12 sheet is that they are individual tiles that are 2 x 2 and can be seperated to make individual magnets.  I think that you could probably also make a huge 12 x 12 puzzle and cut them up into little pieces.  Hmm, the inspirational wheels are turning, LOL.  Anyhow, these tiles are relatively inexpensive.  The 4 x 4 tile was around $0.50 and the 12 x 12 sheet was around $3.00. 

After you choose your tile size, then you move on to the design phase.  I chose to make my design smaller than 4 x 4 and used a photo mask to make it appear that the design was fading into the tile.  After your design is complete, print it out and trim as necessary.

After your design is trimmed, grab your Mod Podge and trusty applicator (foam brush or paintbrush).  Use the Mod Podge to adhere your design to the tile.  That’s all it takes to have a beautiful work of art.  For this tile I used the Port Au Prince kit from Songbird Avenue.  It was featured in Feb. 2010.

I have had several suggestions about what to do with this tile.  Some possibilities are use it as a trivet, put it in a backsplash, or set it in a wrought iron table. All are wonderful possibilities.  I think that I am going to use it as a trivet/hot item holder.  If you want to use it with something that would require washing or getting wet, I recommend investigating a waterproof sealer.  I don’t think Mod Podge would make things waterproof.

I hope that you take a minute and try this idea.  I’d love to see what you come up with. So until next Friday – What Stories are You Going to Tell?