Goodbye 2009!

Well, the new year (and new decade!) will be upon us soon. 2009 was a great year for me personally, and I’m looking forward to an even better 2010! There has been a lot of discussion at the forums I frequent regarding what to call this new year. Will you say the whole thing? Two thousand and ten. Others have said they’ll use Oh-Ten, but to me that doesn’t make sense. I think I’m going to use Twenty-Ten.

I want to sit down and do a year in review layout for this year, but just haven’t had time yet. So I went looking for some inspiration, and at the first gallery I checked I found this magnificent page. This is by Bec at Scrap Orchard, and I can only hope to someday make a page as great as this one. The shadows are outstanding and the overall design is stunning! The image in linked to the gallery if you’d like to leave a comment.

I hope that everyone has a safe & happy New Years celebration. See you NEXT YEAR!!

Holiday Blizzard

Good Wednesday Morning 🙂

Well Christmas is over – sort of.  We had to delay our family gathering due to a giant winter storm that blew into the Midwest over Christmas.  In my part of the world, it turned into a Blizzard and forced thousands of people to change their holiday travel plans.  I called my out of town family members and told them that I couldn’t ask anyone to travel on dangerous roads, so we’ll have Christmas this Friday instead.

As far as Blizzards go, it was one of the strangest ones I’ve ever been in.  We got a good wallop the night of the 23rd.  By Christmas eve morning, we had around 10 inches to shovel with blowing winds.  Nothing to write home about 🙂  But on Christmas Day it started to snow/sleet …. and then it started to RAIN!  Rain in December??  Has anyone tried to shovel snow that is mixed with water?  If you can visualize wet concrete, you’re on the right track.  Yet, even then you can’t  imagine how heavy it is.  Our whole family was out there shoveling because unfortunately, we have a rather large driveway.  That was bad enough, but then the plow came and gave us a 3 foot snowbank when it left.  It took hours to finish the job.  We don’t have a snowblower – hubby says that he doesn’t have anywhere to store it and he likes the exercise.  Somehow though, I don’t think he was enjoying himself on Friday, lol.  I know I wasn’t.

For the Layout of the Day I started looking for a snowscene and came across this cute one that my friend, Nancy,  at made.  I just love the winter photo she placed in her layout – smiling faces of happy winter moments.   Be sure to jump over to and leave her some luv 🙂


Hugs to you all,

Debbie (aka snackpackgu)

Obsessiveness can be a good thing!

I go into an obsessive compulsive clean after Christmas. Did I say compulsive? Oh yeah, the kitchen was gutted.  Everything, everything comes out and I scrubbed each cabinet, shelf, drawer, wall and ceiling!  I leave no corner untouched!

So, I get it half cleaned, and my brain goes, “While you have this all pulled out, you should paint!”  My hubby called our dear and awesome landlord.  He said he would pay for it, if I did the labor and I could pick the paint, as long as it isn’t wild and crazy colors.

Colors? I love color! I found this nifty little game about color personality for painting your home.  The Color Sense Game. I took the test, and low and behold it said I was Al Fresco with some Almonds and Sun. In Italy, al fresco means “in the open air.” It conjures up images of  nature’s green brushstrokes. Almonds and Sun brings in the color of the sun, yellow signifies good faith and confidence and therefore, where there is yellow, there is light!  Oh yeah, these are my ultimate favorite colors! Green and Yellows.

So, I began going thru the favorites I had saved knowing I was writing this blog today.  Oh my, this is just remarkable.  Salmandre’s Quentin would hang on my wall and be happy with the colors I picked!

I have no idea what the journalling says, but the energy and photos are just superb…and the extracted arms with the leaves floating out and down are just magnificent!

So what about you? What is your color personality? Do you find yourself drawn to these colors in your purchases or in your favorite layouts?

My kitchen is half painted with creamy buttery yellow walls, 3 different shades!  I have big green pottery to go up in the corners and will make some Al Fresco curtains next!

In the aftermath!

whew!!!  The presents are opened and stored in their new homes, the company has left, the cooking is FINALLY DONE, and the house is back to it’s semblance of quiet!  So now that the madness of the holiday is winding down..what do you do to decompress?  I read and scrap…and yes the hubs and my kids know if mommy is doing either it is just a good idea to wait and ask for the big green fuzzy cup full of juice LATER!

So with the end of Christmas, the new year is fast approaching!  And yes, I’m going to join the bandwagon and do the “typical” new year’s resolution…I’m gonna join a gym and tone my butt up! With that in mind you know I’m gonna have pages to scrap what with memories like me in a gym!! 🙂  And you know I may just have to do a little brag book of the journey, guess we’ll see!  So my Product of the day is an awesome kit that will make doing those pages a BLAST!  Check out The Inch Loss Plan kit by Dawn Inskip over at Pickleberry Pop

The Inch Loss Plan by Dawn Inskip available at Pickleberry Pop and CatScrap
The Inch Loss Plan by Dawn Inskip available at Pickleberry Pop and CatScrap

And of course there are other ways to tone up and get fit…and for that matter fun ways as well as the grueling gym experience!  How bout dance!  Do you remember those ballet lessons you had as a child (no I don’t remember it keeping me fit), well if you don’t I sure do…I remember going to the nutcracker and falling in love!  The backdrops were magical, the dancers willowy and graceful, the costumes dazzling, and all the while wanting to be in the middle of it all.  Not long after that I joined the throngs of little girls twirling around in my very own pink satin leotard fit for a queen!  Layout of the day has one of those little dancing beauties! Check out Shadelia’s layout titled Little Ballerina.  I love love love the page on a page technique, I think it brings our digital world into the realistic realms!  STUNNING work Shadelia,  and perfect perfect placement of that little gift package.  It looks as if the beauty is putting the final touches on her exquisite gift! 

Little Ballerina by Shadelia
Little Ballerina by Shadelia

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and here is to hoping you have a splendid New Year as well!  Till Next Monday!

Captured Memories

Wow!  We did it — another year, another Christmas holiday, now available for scrapbook pages.  Be sure to write some notes that describe your day so that you’ll be able to combine the memories with your photos.  Some pages will make excellent framed prints, some will get added to an album, and some of you made enough memories to fill a photobook!

DH & I shared the holiday with his son and his daughter-in-law’s family, a tradition now for about ten years.  I took many photos, enjoyed a delicious meal, and shared “text messages” with my family back home.  Technology plays a big role in keeping us closer to loved ones despite the distance in miles between us.  Digital cameras also allow us to record memories that we’ll enjoy again and again.

Be sure to check out the Premium Designs at MyPicTales for backgrounds, quick pages, and premium graphics to help you design beautiful scrapbook pages.  The tutorials make them beginner friendly and the wonderful selections make them a great choice for helping you to create your pages.

Photos sometimes express themselves without the addition of a background or elements.  Your special journaling can be added to explain the events of the photo, or you might add some wordart (a specially designed quote or words to express a thought or feeling).

The wordart used here is by Bethany (at Scrap Orchard) – she has designed wordart from quotes for holidays, special occasions, date stamping and creative expression.  Wordart is also a great addition when using kits or quick pages.  Be sure to remember the fonts you’ve used — so you can credit them when you post a layout online and also so that you’ll be prepared should you want to make changes in your journaling.

I hope your Christmas was delightful — I’ll see you next year!  Begin to make New Year’s resolutions to organize your photos, keep notes on photos you take, and preparing layouts to send to MyPicTales.

As Ever,