12 Answers and a Winner

Answer these 12 twelve questions about MyPicTales and you could be the winner of 12 months of photo products (12 photobooks, 60 4 X 8 cards with envolopes and 2 calendars and 25 single page prints). First, announce our contest on your website or blog, Then, add your answers in the comments section of this blog post, along with a link to your blog or website where you mention our contest. We will randomly draw one name from the correct responses. Post your comment to this blog by December 31st, 11:59pm EST to be eligible.

1. What award did MyPicTales recently win?

2. What 3 types of photo books do we offer?

3. What’s the name of our FREE software program for creating your photo projects?

4. How many graphic artists have supplied FREE backgrounds for your use in our Backgrounds Community?

5. What is your favorite topic for a photo book?

6. Where is MyPicTales located?

7. What is the price of the most affordable photo book we offer?

8. What is your favorite size photo book?

9. What is one product other than photobooks that we offer?

10. What is one service we offer besides printing?

11. What would you do with a years worth of products from MyPicTales?

12. What is the best joke you have heard recently?

Go ahead….your time starts now!

Dreams that you dare to dream really do come true

What a wonderful moment to relaunch our blog. I have some happy news to share. But first off, I want to apologize for taking so long to get the blog back up. Finally after more than 4 months of waiting, the last pieces of the redesigned website have come together.  Yey! the Backgrounds community and the Blog( our voice) are live once again. And just in time for the H-O-L-I-D-A-Y-S!

Okay, the news I am so excited to share with you is that MyPicTales won its first industry award – a prestigious PIXI award in the books and manuals category! As per the website, ” The annual PIXI awards recognize excellence and innovation in digital printing applications around the world. Independently judged by leading industry experts, this awards program spotlights true digital innovators – those who succeed in The New Business of Printing® by creating superior marketing and variable information communications, as well as books, manuals and other short-run materials. ”

The congratulatory  email to MyPicTales read ” When you consider that we received nearly 500 entries from around the world, then you’ll see that this truly is an incredible feat! The books and manuals category was the most competitive we had, so to place as high as you did is just wonderful! ”

My eyes still tear up when I read those lines! Silly me.

Here is an image of our entries: The Classic 8.5 X 11 Custom hard Cover and The Story book 10 X 10 Standard Hard Cover

I attended the awards ceremony, which was a red carpet event, at the beautiful Chicago History museum on October 26th, and it was an honor of a life time to meet my counterparts from various parts of the world.  Here is a picture of me and a few others who won awards that night. I am third from left.

I founded MyPicTales because I strongly believed that I could make them better than anyone else did. I knew nothing about print technology before I started MPT a year ago. But with a dedicated team on my side, a great advisory board and determination to excel, we cruised right to the top in 12 months. To be recognized by an international committee like the PIXIs, for our quality and printing excellence was only supposed to be a impossible dream….and our dream came true.

Now that we have great products, and are seeing growth in quantum leaps, this second year, we will focus of maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate and consistent quality. There are challenges that we shall face in reaching the goal, and each of those challenges will be met and overcome in time.

My very nice obgyn once told me that there were very few surprises left in life, so let the gender of my child be one. And though I knew it in my heart that it would be a girl, I was still very surprised when I delivered a daughter. Similarly, MyPicTales was a huge and ambitious venture we started and worked on for a full year now. And though I always knew that our products were top notch, it took some guts to submit for the awards. And I was somehow surprised that we were chosen and honored.

Dreams do come true. So in case you are wondering, just do it.