Adding Bleed to Layouts

By Wendy Zine

1. Assess each layout individually. If your journaling and photos are at least 1/3″ from the edge of the canvas, they should be okay as is. The following image does not need any adjustments before uploading. Everything in this layout is far enough in from the edge, that trimming will not affect it.LayoutOkay

2. If your layout has important elements close to the edge like the sample below, you can make some simple adjustments to be sure that nothing important will be trimmed off your layout.


3. First, reduce the image size by about 1/2″ on both sizes. (IMAGE>IMAGE SIZE and enter size that is 1/4″ to 1/2″ smaller than the book size you want to print.

4. Add bleed to your canvas by increasing the canvas size to be .25″ larger than the book size you are ordering. (IMAGE>CANVAS SIZE and enter a size that is 1/4″ larger than the book size.) In this case, the book size is an 8″ book, so I’m making the canvas size 8.25″.


5. Click on any background papers and elements that “fall off the edge” and enlarge them slightly to fill out the empty areas in the canvas. (CTRL{CMD}+T) In this sample, only the blue background paper needs to be enlarged. In some cases, though, ribbons, flowers or other elements may also need to be extended into the bleed area. In this sample, though, the brads and chipboard are already extending into the bleed area, so they can be left alone.


6. Here is the layout with bleed added. It’s now time to save a JPG. Then, upload to the software. And, always be sure to double check your previews carefully!


Sliced Up Photo Frames: Take Two

Nancy Murray

These fun frames make your photos look as if they were pieced together from multiple photos, with a few corners lifting up. They can be used with MyPicTales’ free design software, Taleweaver, to add a fun, unique twist to your photo books, cards and calendars. The frames also come with a video tutorial showing you how to use them. (Don’t worry, its easy!)

And here’s an example of a photo using one of the frames in the set.

You can also purchase this set bundled with the original Sliced Up Photo Frames and save! So go on over to Scrapdish and check out all the great savings.

How to tear digital paper in Photoshop Elements

Nancy Murray

I am very pleased to be sharing this digital scrapbooking video tutorial with you! This tutorial shows you how to easily create very realistic looking digitally torn paper that you can use to add an extra touch of realism and dimension to the pages of your MyPicTales books. The tutorial is done in Photoshop Elements 4.0, but the same steps will work for any version of Photoshop Elements or the full version of Photoshop. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and have fun tearing up your pages!

Happy Fathers Day!

by Thena Smith

I have long felt that the father is one of the unsung heroes of our nation. A strong and loving father is a treasure and those who have a father in their life want to find the best way to honor him not only on Father’s Day but all year. It is a good thing to have this day on the calendar to remind us that Dad deserves some undivided attention occasionally!

It’s been a lot of years since I lost my father but he is forever in my heart and mind and a lot of the verses in a book of poetry that I am writing for fathers are inspired by my memories of him. Just as the mother’s book contains many verses are inspired by my mom.

I’m not saying that my parents were perfect, but they were (I’m convinced) the perfect parents for me. I learned so much from them that I didn’t even realize I was learning!

I know that must be true of all kids. Dad worked so hard and never was without a job or two. He worked in the city and my brothers worked the farm. I helped Mom take care of the household chores. I don’t remember Daddy ever spanking me or even raising his voice to me, but I respected him and I knew that he believed in spanking and if the deed warranted it would not hesitate to give me a spat on the backside!

Just as the wearing of a rose was a tradition with Mother’s Day, the same was appropriate for Father’s Day in the south where I grew up. This was the tradition of wearing a red rose on Father’s Day to celebrate his life and a white rose in memory of your father.

I can’t do a book for my parents but I can and will do one for my daughter documenting the time she had with them, her visits and the stories of their times together. In it will also be memories of my childhood with my parents and grandparents. The modern generation is so blessed to have the amount of photos, tapes, DVD’s and movies today to help them record and enjoy family history. Technology can tear the family apart by pulling them into too many different activities and places or help pull them together by making it possible to record happy times together and to record messages and photos to send to each other when apart.

I am so excited over the many possibilities available as far as personal books to share with family. A calendar makes such a neat item for Dad’s office and gives him an easy way to inconspicuously share all of those cool photos you’ve collected. (He has to point to the calendar to confirm dates of meetings, etc., right?

I hope all of you enjoy, treasure, cherish and honor your dads. And of course the very best way to honor our parents is to be the kind of people they wanted us to be. A good family name is more valuable to pass down to future generations than a massive fortune.