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Introducing Free TaleWeaver Software for Photo books, Calendars and Cards!!!
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“fast, easy and highly flexible for making amazing books and cards in a matter of minutes”

Photo Books
Our free design software will enable you to create

professionally designed, richly customized photo books:

Features include:
· Customizable front and back cover (including spine!!)
· Manual or automatic( Fast Track) book building
· Free style resizing and placing of content
· Faded backgrounds and dual page spreads
· Text in any language, any font and any place
· Create own templates or use pre designed templates

Calendar and Greeting Cards
All elements of your photo calendars and Cards can be
fully customized.

Features including :
· Any number of images
· Images within dates
· Text in any place and any language
· Faded images in background
· Changing language in bulk
· 36 optional holiday overlays

Fast Track automates the design process and fills in the templates with your photos. You still have full control over your project and its design. You can change templates, photos, pages and backgrounds if you need. With this great tool your project is ready in no time!

Thank You Note to our Patrons

Our heart felt thanks to all of you who visited our booth at the pdn PhotoPlus expo in New York. It was a great opportunity to meet you and share information on our exciting products, services and tools. Being a family owned business, we felt very blessed for having received such a positive response and interest in what we do and offer. We promise to give you the best shopping experience at

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Please feel free to send us your questions and comments. We ship to anywhere in the continental US and Canada. We also offer bulk order discounts. As a thank you gesture, we have enclosed a coupon for 25% off toward your next order.

Prathibha Polapragada

Save 25% on our entire range of products
use Coupon Code FALC057 during checkout

Offer Expires: 10th November,2007

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Great Tips For Awesome Pics!


Gear up for the contest results.We have some excellent submisions!!!
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Fall is in the air. We have gathered some expert tips to share with you, so you can take lovely fall pictures for your uniquely designed Photo books, PicFrames, Calendars and Cards!

1)Get To Know Your Camera
You camera came with a manual. Dig it out and read it. Even if you have a simple model camera, it has features that will help you take impressive pictures.Just relax at home and read the manual FIRST. Then go out and explore the world.

2)Keep your camera in your car and always with you!
Fall is filled with great images, but Fall is a short season. You only get about three weeks of good color and then it’s gone. HAVE YOUR CAMERA WITH YOU! Don’t tell yourself you’ll come back later to get that shot. Rarely do we get back to it, and the great shot may not be there when you do return….not the way you see it now.

3)Overcast Days are Good Days! Use them!
Cloudy days filter sunlight, making fall colors even deeper. The film ‘drinks’ in color, leaving you with rich images. Try shooting in the rain (beneath an umbrella) or under very overcast skies. Just leave the sky out of the picture, shoot off a roll and see what happens!

4)Windy Days Work. Work with them!
Leaves fluttering around give a feeling of movement. They can really enhance a shot.

5)Create an interesting photo!
To create a more interesting photo, don’t try to capture everything you see. By choosing something with visual appeal or interest, such as a fence, tree or a bridge and placing it off-center, will add greater depth to your photo, and will provide a framework for the beautiful fall foliage.

6)Take photos in the early morning or late afternoon!
This period of day provides the most interesting light for fall photos. The contrasts of light and shadow at these times allow for interesting depth.Try taking photos just before sunset and using a warm polarizing filter for dramatic color when you’re shooting colorful red and orange trees.

7)Don’t let an overcast day keep you from taking fall photos!
Grey days actually allow fall colors pop out. Take advantage of these days by focusing in on natural details, such as bright pumpkins or fallen leaves. A cloudy fall day is also a great time for taking outdoor portraits. The even lighting and lack of harsh shadows allows subjects and smile and look ahead with out squinting or unnatural shadows crossing their faces.

8)Use a tripod whenever possible
As steady as we may think we are, a tripod is steadier. It will also force you to slow down, giving greater thought to your compositions.

9)Shoot RAW
If you’re shooting with a Digital SLR camera, take advantage of the RAW file format. It allows for greater flexibility for error and recovery. It also allows for a wider color gamut to record accurately…very important when shooting the many colors that fall provides.

10)Have fun when taking your fall photos
Don’t restrict yourself to a certain subject or location, move around, and take many shots from different angles. Getting shots from low angles gives you the benefit of different lighting, making a more interesting image. Also, take advantage of action shots. A waterfall, river and even just a windy day can give your photos motion and provide more visual interest.


PDN PhotoPlus Expo Invitation

MyPicTales, Inc Oct, 2007

Dear Customer,

We cordially invite you to visit MYPICTALES (Booth #159) at PDN PhotoPlus International 2007- the largest and the most comprehensive expo in the photographic and imaging industries.

At PDN PhotoPlus International, you can explore an inspiring array of photography, design and imaging products and services – everything from image capture and color management to retouching and storage – all from the industry’s leading manufacturers. I would like to personally invite you to join us at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City from October 18-20, 2007, where MYPICTALES will be showcasing our distingished high end “Charisma” Photo Books and our mordern museum style, archival quality PicFrames.

TaleWeaver 1.0

We will also be releasing for the very first time, the TaleWeaver software for Photobooks, Calendars and Cards on our website, which will be freely available for download to our customers from Oct 18th.

It has many distinct features like

* Easy Drag and Drop concept
* Custom Backgrounds
* Double Page spreads
* Custom Templates
* Borders
* and much much more!

As a MYPICTALES customer, we have arranged for you to attend the exposition for FREE! To take advantage of our offer, simply register online at using the exclusive VIP Code XACE3.

Your Free Expo Pass includes:
· Admission to the Expo floor for all 3 days of PDN PhotoPlus International 2007
· Access to the hottest photography galleries
· Purchasing opportunities directly from dealers on the Expo floor
· Free Gear Guide/Show Directory – your guide at the show and all year long
· And so much more!

I look forward to seeing you in New York, October 18-20, at the Jacob Javits Center for PDN PhotoPlus International 2007.


Prathibha Polapragada
MyPicTales, Inc

P.S. Be sure to register using the VIP Code – XACE3 to guarantee your free admission!

Fall Events at MyPicTales

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Fall For Fun Contest!
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You watch the season pull up its own stage
And catch the last weekend Of the last week
Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced
Another sun soaked season fades away

Create a classic photo book with all your summer and fall photos and take your best SHOT at winning prizes!ll Yes, MyPicTales and Apple have teamed up to award a new iPod Nano and an iPhone to contest winners. Click on the link below for details.


Contest ends on Nov 15th.

Photo books are an amazing way to have your photos neatly organized, viewed and shared. And our archival quality means that they last a life time.

Please feel free to forward our promotion with your friends, family and coworkers.


Prathibha Polapragada
MyPicTales, Inc